Super 180's Merino Wool

Masterpiece Gold is the finest and most luxurious fabric from Holland & Sherry to date. Available in two constructions, lightweight and ultra-lightweight, this collection is the perfect choice for blossoming spring months that melt into hot summer days.


A collection that’s steeped in textile tradition, these fabrics have been conceived by our design team in the Scottish Borders before being carefully woven, washed and finished in Yorkshire with soft, pure Pennine water. Our Masterpiece Gold fabrics possess an appearance, handle, and drape that surpasses all expectation. 

This ground-breaking quality for Holland & Sherry is now a firmly established and successful part of the collection. Furthering its pioneering character, we are delighted to announce that the fabrics in this collection are now Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified. Products certified to the Responsible Wool Standard contain wool fibre from farms (independently) certified to animal welfare and land management requirements.

The wool in this collection is accredited to a flock reared by a team of expert farmers that pride themselves on their sheep’s health, and the quality of the land upon which the sheep graze. Extensive studies have proven that a consistent diet of rich fresh nutrients and clean running water promotes good animal health, and the growth of stronger, brighter wool. The wool benefits from good crimp, an even texture, and a regular molecular structure contributing to a reduced number of breakages during weaving and to the fabric’s improved performance during wear.


Holland & Sherry’s Masterpiece Gold collection offers excellent tailoring capabilities combined with unparalleled luxury and performance for the discerning customer.


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Spring/Summer 2024




100% Super 180's Worsted


190-220gm / 6-7oz