Luxury Super 170's Merino Wool

This new collection encompasses all the same qualities as its predecessor, and has a sustainable supply chain that is fully traceable from sheep to cloth.


The quality of Gostwyck merino fibre is the result of over 180 years expert selection of merino sheep producing finer, softer and whiter wool. Today the producers of the Gostwyck wool produce merino which is finer than most cashmere, and has been scientifically tested as the most comfortable natural fibre.

Animal treatment

With a three-day rotational grazing system in place, animal stress is eliminated and the use of harsh chemicals minimized. Pastures grow naturally to maximise high quality nutrition and sheep remain healthy and well nourished, and remain free from parasitic invasions.


Environmental sustainability

Major changes to grazing practices have seen a steady increase in the sustainability of soil health, pasture and water quality. The environment and ecology greatly benefit from these state-of-the-art grazing systems.

Next-to-skin comfort and itch free


To ensure that all garments made from Gostwyck merino are itch free every fleece is tested using a LaserScan system to determine the fibre diameter, prior to the traditional classing process at shearing. 

Sustainable merino productions


A balanced ecology and healthy environment have taken many years to accomplish. Careful and patient management has allowed the Gostwyck farm to implement sustainable grazing practices that benefit the environment, improve the ecosystem and provide the best possible nutrition for the welfare and health for the Gostwyck sheep.


This collection is a classic range of fabrics, ready to be tailored into exquisite clothing that defies luxury and comfort. With exceptional handle, drape and tailoring qualities this collection offers the ultimate in luxury worsted suitings.


Bunch number:



Spring/Summer 2024




100% S170's WO


230gm 7.5oz