The Power of Positivity

This collection of lightweight summer suiting fabrics is woven from a 17-micron, Super 130’s wool. The panama construction; more commonly known as plain weave, lends itself to warm, sunny climates. The balanced open structure allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate through the ultra-fine micron wool fibres, keeping the body cool, dry and comfortable.


The colour and design of each cloth has been carefully selected and depicts the most popular shades of blue, in a variety of tonal, contrasting, contemporary checks, stripes and semi-plain designs.  

Checked fabrics are a popular feature in our collection, and whilst they may not be the sartorial choice for the traditional city gent, their continued popularity provides an opportunity to develop unique statement pieces, synonymous with bespoke tailoring. 


The name Azure is the inspiration behind the collection, evoking images of all things blue. This season we have added a small selection of neutral shades, that are just as summery, and may be of interest to those who are not as “blue minded”.

The Azure collection with its infinite shades of blue is sure to exceed all expectation, offering a blue option for every occasion. From the sun-filtered haze of the palest blue to the leaden mist of a cloud filled sky, Azure is the go-to collection for those statement pieces when you want to be noticed and for the understated classics when you want to blend in. 


Whatever the choice, we believe this collection of popular blues and complimentary designs will be an accomplished success.


Bunch number:



Spring/Summer 2024




100% S130's WO / 85% S130's WO 15% SE


210gm 6.5oz