Luxury Wool Mohair Suitings

Holland & Sherry’s English Mohair collection includes a selection of superfine wool/mohair blended qualities and offers a quintessential collection of colour woven plains. English Mohair cloth feels dry, crisp and smooth: it is cool to wear and ideal for humid environments. 


The fabrics have been developed exclusively by Holland & Sherry and are renowned for holding their shape when tailored into beautiful bespoke pieces; perfect for a stylish business image in a hot climate, or an intimate summer wedding on the beach.

This collection provides a choice of plain weave fabrics that allow the body to breathe, the reason for its excellent ergonomic performance. The wicking properties of the mohair allow the body to stay cool and dry, making it an excellent performance fabric produced from the perfect mixture of the highest quality fibres available.


The benefits of adding mohair to a fabric are endless, a few of which are as follows:

  • It is very receptive to dye, which results in richer, more vibrant colours
  • It produces a fabric with intense lustre and sheen
  • It produces a fabric that will hold and retain its shape
  • It produces a cloth that is durable and comfortable to wear
  • It produces a cloth that is easy to tailor, mould and manipulate into some of the finest garments ever created


Bunch number:



Spring/Summer 2024




80% S100's WO 20% WM


230gm 7.5oz