Luxury Wool with Cashmere Jacketing

A regular feature of the Holland & Sherry collection, this luxury jacketing range of fabrics are constructed from the finest woollen-spun blended yarns, combining comfort and softness beyond compare. It is the peak of perfection and is renowned for its luxurious touch and soft contemporary styling.

The finest cashmere fibres have been gathered from the saddle of the cashmere goat by careful combing. This takes place during the spring months, when the soft downy, wintry undercoat is thick and lofty and ready to shed in preparation for the warm summer months ahead. Care is taken not to remove the outer guard hairs, as in comparison to the soft down, these are much coarser and would spoil the handle and luxury of the finished product.

The cashmere is then carefully blended with 18µ merino wool to produce a range of opulent melange colours that are beyond compare.


The gentle combing and blending of the fibres continues, and in doing so, any short staple fibres are removed from the blend.

Once all the longer fibres are in perfect alignment and the desired level of colour achieved, the fibres are gently twisted together in a soft ‘S’ direction.


The soft ‘S’ twist in the finished yarn and the gentle scour that the cloth undergoes contribute to the unparalleled softness, lightness and warmth of the cloth.


Bunch number:



Autumn/Winter 2023






260-340gm 8.5-11oz