HS 1634 265grm 8½oz

Technical Specification
• The uniformity and consistency of each fibre give Snowy River fabrics added strength
• Whiter, cleaner fleeces allow for a more efficient dye uptake, resulting in a luxurious fabric with superior colour levelness and light refraction
• Merino crimp offers elasticity, creating unparalleled crease recovery, drape, comfort and performance
• Wool micron is 17.5µ which equates to a genuine Super 120’s wool quality
• Yarn used is an 80/2 new metric yarn in both warp and weft directions
• Weave used is a 2/1 prunelle weave, an unbalanced weave that allows more creative designs
• Cloth weight is 265grm (8½oz), making the cloth the ideal choice for a more moderate climate