sergé de Nîmes meaning 'serge from Nîmes'


Holland & Sherry is pleased to present a comprehensive new collection of luxurious denim fabrics. Popularised by Hollywood in the 1930's denim is as in-demand today as it was then, but has undergone a few makeovers along the way. The collection encompasses three different qualities covering a variety of weights and a broad choice of both traditional, and contemporary colours. Taking its name from the French city where it was created and first produced, "sergé de Nîmes", the traditional denim was specifically designed fot the working man. With this in mind, denim had to be strong and durable, and with that came a considerable amount of discomfort that seemed to dissipate with age and wear.

The dye used was indigo, not for its aesthetic, fashionable appeal, but because it was cheap, readily available and concealed dirt. Indigo dye does not penetrate yarn or fabric, it merely sits on the surface producing a vivid and intense blue like no other. Inevitably over time, dye is lost and the vivid blue becomes faded. By this point the garment is comfortable, relaxed and worn looking; a look preferred by most, even to this day. By contrast, Holland & Sherry offers three qualities of denim fabric with luxury appeal; all three are comfortable to wear and will retain their shape and beauty.


Constructed from a 3/1 twill whereby one white weft thread passes under three and over one indigo coloured warp threads, producing a steep constrasting twill line. Today, these weaving principles remain the same, and it is this technique we have adopted to weave two of the qualities introduced in this collection.


An all-wood; a wool and cotton; and a wool, cotton, Lycra® quality. The first two qualities are woven in the traditional way, with a contrasting warp and weft. The third quality is a piece dye quality that has the added benefit of Lycra. Lycra provides any garment with extra comfort, makes it more durable and crease resistant, and allows it to keep its shape for longer. This collection hosts a whole range of colours, including traditional blues and contemporary greens, pinks and reds.

Denim garments traditionally have an orange seam to match the copper rivets.


Bunch number:



Spring/Summer 2021




100% Wool Worsted or 54% Wool Worsted, 42% Cotton, 4% Lycra


345/360gm 11oz/11.5oz