HS1642 250/270grm 8/8.5oz

Luxury Cashmere and Vicuña

Vicuña produce the finest fibre in the world. The fibre averages 12-14 microns in diameter and is substantially finer, softer and lighter than the very best noble fibres. Cashmere fibres, although coarser than vicuña fibres are still extremely fine, averaging between 14 and 17 microns making the cloths they produce some of the most expensive available in the market today.

By blending the noble fibre of cashmere with the golden fibre of vicuña we have created a luxurious much sought after suiting fabric that can only be described as “Imperial Gold”.

The Imperial Gold collection is woven in England and is exclusive to Holland & Sherry. The fabrics have a beautiful handle and a natural sheen, and will tailor into one of the most beautiful garments in existence today.