HS1663 280grm 9oz Trousers 230grm 7.5oz

Trans-Seasonal Perennial Suiting

This collection is a new range of high performance, classically styled suiting fabrics woven from Super 100’s wool worsted with Teclana®.

A wool-blended fabric with Teclana® benefits from all of the below properties, with the added benefit of Super 100’s merino wool. Its natural crimp creates pockets of air, allowing for movement and manipulation when tailoring, and natural stretch for added comfort when being worn.

For this collection we have created an intimate blend of Teclana® with a 18.5µ micron wool, spun to the finest count possible, creating a more competitively priced fabric that has the same handle and weight normally associated with fabrics woven from finer micron, more expensive wools.