Luxury Super 170s Merino Wool

The Gostwyck farm is owned and managed by the fifth generation of the original purchaser, Henry Dangar. Dangar bought the farm in the New England tablelands of New South Wales, Australia in 1834 from another pioneer, Edward Gostwyck Cory, hence the name. In 1854, Dangar went to Saxony in Germany and bought 28 rams. These rams were escorted to Australia in the care of two Saxon shepherds who stayed on and made a new life in Australia.

Today, our luxurious Super 170s merino wool is sourced from the RWS certified Gostwyck farm offering full traceability from sheep to cloth. On the farm, a responsible approach to grazing increases sustainability, soil health, pasture and water quality. Not only does this benefit the environment but ensures healthy, happy sheep all year round; and with healthy, happy sheep comes good quality wool.

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